Undergraduate Program

The Department offers a single B.A. degree in Classical Studies, with three possible concentrations designed both to provide a broad-based liberal arts degree for all students and to prepare students for future work in Classics.


B.A. Requirements

The major requires a minimum of 30 semester hours above the 100 level, including 3 s.h. in Ancient Greek or Latin at the 204 level (or above) and 3 s.h. in an advanced seminar. Details are given for each concentration.


Minor Requirements

A minor in Classical Studies consists of a minimum of 15 semester hours (5 courses) above the 100 level approved by the Department. This page allows you to declare a minor directly with us.



Disciplinary Honors in Classical Studies is available to qualified students who have declared Classical Studies as their primary major. See details here, along with links to Lloyd International Honors College.