Classical Studies Disciplinary Honors

Disciplinary Honors allows students the opportunity to do in-depth creative explorations of their major and to work one-on-one with their professors. Students who plan to go to graduate school should plan to complete the disciplinary honors program with its senior honors project, but completing disciplinary honors is also a rewarding experience for other students. By department policy, honors options are not offered in LAT courses until the 300 level, or in GRK courses except for advanced students.



  • 12s.h. of Honors course work in CCI, GRK and/or LAT at the 200 level or above with at least 6 s.h. at the 300 level
  • 3 s.h. of HSS 490: Senior Honors Project or CCI 493: Honors Work with a grade of at least a B (3.0)


  • A grade of at least a B (3.0) in all work used to satisfy the Honors requirements in Classical Studies
  • A declared major in Classical Studies
  • A UNCG GPA of 3.30 or higher at graduation


The designation “Completed Disciplinary Honors in Classical Studies” and the title of the Senior Honors Project will be printed on the student’s official transcript.

Disciplinary Honors Application Information

For more information on Lloyd International Honors College and the full Honors Program, visit the Honors College page or contact the Classical Studies Disciplinary Honors Liaison Dr. Jonathan Zarecki