License for Teaching Latin

Initial Certification in Latin – Standard Professional I License

Standard Professional I Licensure is the process through which an individual qualifies to be licensed by the State of North Carolina to teach in primary and secondary schools. All public schools and many private schools in North Carolina require their professional educators to hold this license.

If your career goal is to work as a professional educator in the public schools, you should complete an education program leading to a Standard Professional I license. If you plan to work outside North Carolina, check with the education department of that state to determine if your North Carolina license will be accepted.

Any undergraduate student interested in working toward a Standard Professional I license in Latin should contact a department advisor as soon as possible. Students are responsible for following the information in the current Secondary Teacher Education Handbook. If you have any immediate questions please e-mail David Wharton (

Students with a baccalaureate degree who are interested in Licensure-Only work, should refer to the NC Teach website. Information on Lateral Entry is also available on-line, including eligibility and other requirements. There is now a Praxis II Latin test which is required for lateral entry candidates.

Application for Admission to Teacher Education (online Google form) is normally made after a student has completed at least 51 semester hours and prior to completing 50% of the professional coursework, excluding student teaching. Most students apply at the end of the sophomore year. For more on the process see Latin Checklist.

Goals of the Program:

  1. To promote proficiency in Latin by providing courses which focus on grammatical analysis and reading of Latin texts with understanding, and which cover a range of genres and authors;
  2. To make available a full variety of courses in literature, civilization, and advanced language training to ensure students a broad base of cultural and linguistic experiences;
  3. To promote an understanding of and appreciation for the Classical foundations of the Western tradition.

Minimum Course Requirements for Standard Professional I License

[30 s.h. in residence for 2nd B.A. students]

Minimum of 33 semester hours distributed as follows, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in Latin (LAT) courses above the 100 level, and 9 hours at the 300 level or above, with three (3) hours in an advanced seminar (chosen from CCI 405, 407, 475, 490, 502, 512):

Content Area (33 s.h.):

  1. 6 s.h. in Core courses: CCI 201, 202
  2. 12 s.h. in Latin language (LAT), must include LAT 531 (Latin Grammar and Composition) and at least 2 additional courses at the 300 level or above
  3. 3 s.h. in material culture to be chosen from: CCI 212, 312, 314, 360, 365, 475, 512
  4. CCI 205 (Mythology) and 3 additional s.h. in Classical literature chosen from CCI 227, 228, 305, 306, 324, 325, 326, 405, 407, 502
  5. 3 s.h. in a related field chosen from CCI 206, 207, 240, 323, 330, 336, 340, 350, 370, 490 or one of the above categories
  6. 2 s.h. in LAT 198 (Latin Sight Reading)
  7. 1 s.h. in LAT 199 Conversational and Modern Latin)

Professional Education:  nota bene – professional education requirements will be changing in the next year or two; please stay in contact with your advisor!

  • ERM 401, 402, 403  –  Assessment I, II, and III (1 s.h. online courses)
  • TED 401 Child and Adolescent Development and Learning (1 s.h.)
  • TED 403 Teaching English Learners with Diverse Abilities (1 s.h.) – + 25 hr. internship (with ERM)
  • SES 401 Understanding and Teaching Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings (1 s.h.)
  • TED 535 Literacy in the Content Area
  • TED 445 Human Diversity, Teaching, and Learning (+ 25 hour internship)
  • LAT 552 Teaching Secondary Level Latin: Current Trends  (+ 50 s.h. internship)
  • LAT 465 Student Teaching and Seminar (12 s.h.)

Sequence of Professional Education Courses:

All courses except LIS 120 and TED 535 must be taken in the four-semester sequence indicated below. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Junior Year – Fall
TED 445 (+ 25 hr. internship)
ERM 401 (1 s.h. online)
TED 401 (1 s.h. online)
Junior Year – Spring
ERM 402 (1 s.h. online)
TED 403 (1 s.h. online)    + 25 hr. internship
SES 401 (1 s.h. online)
LIS 120 (1 s.h.)
Senior Year – Fall
TED 535
ERM 403 (1 s.h. online)
LAT 552 (+ 50 hr. internship)
Senior Year – Spring
LAT 465 (offered in spring semester only)
*no other courses may be taken
during student teaching

First degree students must also complete other general education requirements (GEC + CAR) and a minimum of 122 s.h. for the B.A. degree.

See the Latin Checklist page for details about other requirements.

Additional information can be found through the following links: