Chris Witmore (B.A. 1996)

Christopher Witmore graduated from UNCG in 1996 with a BA in Classical Studies, Archaeology and Geography. He went on to complete a Masters at the University of Sheffield in 1998 and a PhD at Stanford University in 2005. Chris is now an Associate Professor of Archaeology and Classics at Texas Tech University. In recent years he has become a leading figure in archaeological theory, drawing together things and the new materialisms, land and chorography, science and technology studies and media. For Chris, archaeology is above all an engagement with “old” things (ta archaia) and their connections with an aim to understand the past and its relevance to life. He has written over 50 articles and is co-author of Archaeology: The Discipline of Things (2012), co-editor of Archaeology in the Making (2013), and co-editor of the Routledge Archaeological Orientations series with Gavin Lucas. Currently the Donnelley Family Fellow at the National Humanities Center, he is working on two book projects: Old Lands. A Chorography of the Eastern Morea, Greece, and Open Pasts: What becomes of archaeological things?  When not in Greece or doing a fellowship in NC, he lives in Texas with his wonderful wife, Liz, and two adventurous and curious boys, Eli and Liam.