Classical Studies Faculty & Staff

The Department is located on the 1st floor of the Moore Humanities and Research Administration Building (MHRA) at the corner of Spring Garden and Forest Streets. Our corridor is immediately on the left (and partially hidden by a column!) as you come in the front entrance.

Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Maura K. HeynMaura K. Heyn

Associate Professor (Roman art & archaeology)
Email: mkheyn@uncg.edu
Office: 1109 MHRA
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Joanne M. MurphyJoanne M. Murphy

Associate Professor (Aegean archaeology, Archaeological Methods and Theory)
Email: jmmurph2@uncg.edu
Office: 1107 MHRA
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Hugh ParkerHugh C. Parker

Associate Professor, Department Head (Latin poetry, Medieval Latin)
Email: hcparker@uncg.edu
Office: 1103 MHRA
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Susan ShelmerdineSusan C. Shelmerdine

Professor (Greek & Latin pedagogy, Greek poetry)
Email: shelmerd@uncg.edu
Office: 1111 MHRA
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David WhartonDavid B. Wharton

Associate Professor (Linguistics, Latin poetry)
Email: wharton@uncg.edu
Office: 1115 MHRA
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Jonathan P. ZareckiJonathan P. Zarecki

Associate Professor (Roman history, Republican literature)
Email: jpzareck@uncg.edu
Office: 1113 MHRA
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Visiting Faculty

keyserDerek Keyser

Lecturer (Greek Tragedy, Epic Poetry, Ancient Philosophy, Classics & Film)
Email: dskeyser@uncg.edu
Office: 1108 MHRA
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Robyn Le BlancRobyn Le Blanc

Lecturer (Archaeology of the Roman Near East, civic identity and urbanization)
Email: rlleblan@uncg.edu
Office: 1110 MHRA
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Adjunct Faculty

Jeffrey SolesJeffrey S. Soles

Professor Emeritus (Greek archaeology)
Email: jssoles@uncg.edu
Office: 1112 MHRA

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Shannon ByersShannon Byers

Administrative Liaison to the Modern World and Head Wrangler
Email: slbyers@uncg.edu
Office: 1105 MHRA
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