Robyn Le Blanc

Assistant Professor (Roman provincial archaeology, mythology, religion, digital humanities)
Email: rlleblan@uncg.edu
Office: 1109 MHRA
Phone: no direct line; leave message on general office phone: 336-334-5214
At UNCG Since: 2014
on leave Fall 2020


Ph.D.  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – 2016
M.A.   University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – 2010
B.A.    George Washington University – 2008

Research Interests

Dr. Le Blanc specializes in the archaeology of the Roman provinces, mythology, religion, Hellenistic and Roman coinage, and ancient identities. Her current research explores the material role that mythology and religion played in articulating political and cultural identities in communities in the Hellenistic, Roman, and Late Antique Levant. She is also developing projects on mythological female founders across the Roman Empire and on images of Roman founders on provincial coinage. Dr. Le Blanc has participated in excavations across the Roman world, most recently as a field staff and publication project member on the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon (Israel). Her new excavation project, beginning in 2019 in cooperation with an international team, will focus on a Roman urban center in Montenegro (Roman Dalmatia) She is also the co-director of WIRE: Women in the Roman East, an online tool which explores the social, political and economic histories of women in the Roman Near East (see more at wireproject.org). 

Selected Publications

  • “The Glass of Islamic Ashkelon.” Ashkelon 8: The Islamic and Crusader Periods, T. Hoffman (ed.).  Eisenbrauns imprint of Penn State Universirty Press (2019).
  •  “Founders and Foundation Myths on Civic Coins from Late Hellenistic and Roman Ascalon (Israel).” Israel Numismatic Research 12 (2017): 71-98.
  •  Boehm, R., D. Master and R. Le Blanc. “The Basilica, Bouleuterion, and Civic Center of Ashkelon,” American Journal of Archaeology 120/2 (2016): 271-324.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • James Y. Joyner Award for Teaching Excellence (junior), UNCG, 2020.
  • Martin Price Fund for Ancient Greek Numismatics, Royal Numismatic Society, 2018.
  •  National Endowment for the Humanities Institute, “Textual Data and Digital Texts in the Undergraduate Classroom,” 2018-2019.
  •  Digital Partners Grant, UNCG, 2018-2019.

Full CV


Doclea Excavations (https://www.bhfieldschool.org/program/roman-dig-doclea-montenegro)

WIRE: Women in the Roman East (wireproject.org)

Personal website (www.robynleblanc.com)

Twitter (@archleblanc)