Jonathan P. Zarecki

Associate Professor (Roman history, Republican literature)
Email: jpzareck@uncg.edu
Office: 1113 MHRA
Phone: no direct line; leave message on general office phone: 336-334-5214
At UNCG Since: 2006


Ph.D. University of Florida – 2005
M.A.  University of Florida – 2001
B.A.   Colby College – 1999

Research Interests

I am, first and foremost, a scholar of Cicero, though I have wide-ranging interests in Roman history and literature. I am most engaged with Cicero’s political theory and philosophy, especially how he portrays the breakdown of the Roman constitution and the transition from republic to empire. I’m also quite interested in the performance of power dynamics in the Late Republic. I’m currently working on several projects generally themed around leadership, including articles on Cicero’s lictors, old age as both boon and burden, and the concept of privatum consilium as a hallmark of effective leadership. I am also becoming more interested in ecological questions, particularly forest husbandry and wildfire control in Roman Italy, and enjoy mining Horace’s Odes and Epodes for evidence of his relationship with imperial powerWhen I’m not writing or teaching, I participate in Roman military reenacting events with Legio VI and Legio XIIII, two of the quickly growing number of Roman reenacting groups in the United States.

Selected Publications

  • “Utinam avum tuum meminisses! Threats and Allusions in the First Philippic.” Mnemosyne 72.2 (2019): 273-283.
  • Cicero’s Ideal Statesman in Theory and Practice. Bloomsbury. 2014.
  • “The Cypriot Exemption from Evocatio and the Character of Cicero’s Proconsulship.” Greece & Rome 59.1 (2012): 46-55.
  • “A Duet of Praise: Horace, Vergil, and the Subject of canemus in Carm. 4.15.32.” Classical Journal 105.3 (2010): 245-263.
  • “Cicero’s Definition of Politikos.” Arethusa 42.3 (2009): 251-270.
  • “Pandora and the Good Eris in Hesiod.” Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies 47.1 (2007): 5-29.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Lloyd International Honors College Faculty Fellow, UNCG, 2019.
  • CAMWS Bridge Initiative Grant for Classics Day, 2018.
  • Ashby Dialogue Group Award, UNCG, 2017.
  • Information Literacy Course Development Award, UNCG, 2016.

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