Lauren Summerville (B.A. 2011)

I graduated from UNCG in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies (Latin Language and Literature concentration). Currently, I am part of the administrative team at an accounting firm in Matthews, NC, which has proven to be challenging work; I am proud to say that I have grown immensely since starting there almost 3.5 years ago. While it is not a position in the Classics field, I continue to (and will always) hold onto my appreciation of the Latin and Greek languages, as well as Roman and Greek history and their cultures. I often fondly look back on being able to participate in the UNCG in Rome program in 2010 (arguably one of the best experiences of my life), and hope to visit again someday. I will be starting a new life adventure shortly, due to my husband’s enlistment in the Army and graduation from basic training. It is a world of unknowns right now, but I look forward to seeing where it takes me, both personally and professionally.