M.Ed. in Latin

Program Description

Note: The M.Ed. in Latin Program has been discontinued and is no longer accepting applications. This does not effect our undergraduate degree program, which is still going strong. The Master of Education in Latin is a part-time, all-online degree program designed for working Latin teachers. The degree requires 30 semester hours of coursework and concentrates on the study of Latin language and literature, with additional study in the areas of history, classical civilization, and professional education. The M.Ed. in Latin at UNCG is open to both licensed and non-licensed teachers who wish to pursue a graduate degree, and candidates who complete the program successfully will receive the M.Ed. degree regardless of licensure status. Our program does not lead to an initial North Carolina Standard Professional License, although candidates who complete the program and who already hold a North Carolina Standard Professional License will be qualified to apply for North Carolina M (advanced) licensure. Those who wish to pursue M licensure should consult the Director of Graduate Study before admission to the program. Latin teachers who wish to pursue an initial North Carolina Standard Professional License are encouraged to consider the NC Teach program at UNCG or other lateral entry programs approved by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Qualified non-degree candidates are invited to enroll in individual courses through the Graduate School’s Visions Program (Fall or Spring) or through the Division of Continual Learning (Summer). Up to 9 credit hours of coursework taken through Visions or Continual Learning may be applied toward the M.Ed. degree if the student later decides to pursue the M.Ed. degree. For a fuller description of our program and its requirements, see our M.Ed. in Latin Guide to Graduate Study. The M.Ed. in Latin and the UNCG Teachers Academy Our program is affiliated with the UNCG Teachers Academy and shares its mission and conceptual framework, as do all professional education programs at UNCG. This is the Teachers Academy's Conceptual Framework Mission Statement:

The mission of professional education at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is to ensure “Access to Opportunities through Teaching, Learning and Caring.” This requires excellence in all our programs through alignment to state and national standards; explicit connections among research, theory and practice; candidates’ acquisition of the knowledge, skills and dispositions of their disciplines; detailed evaluation of our candidates’ continual professional growth; collaboration among stakeholders; ongoing self-study; and an overriding commitment to fostering beliefs and actions that promote education for all. Toward these ends, our Unit and programs focus on six areas: leadership, professional knowledge, professional practice, educational environments, data-informed decision-making, and professional growth to support the learning of all children in the context of 21st century complexity and dynamic change.

 Professional education programs at UNCG emphasize dispositions that drive application of the knowledge base and we believe that we must model and monitor these dispositions as conscientiously as we provide opportunities for building the knowledge base.  Teachers should show evidence of these dispositions in class:

  • reflective
  • ethical
  • inclusive
  • engaged in and committed to professional practice
  • dedicated to life-long learningself-efficacious
  • receptive to feedback
  • affirming of diversity
  • professionally responsible
  • collaborative
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