Michael Shiver (B.A. 2006)

I graduated from UNCG with a B.A. in Classical Studies (Latin Language & Literature) and a B.S. in Mathematics (Pure Mathematics), then went on to earn a Master of Industrial and Systems Engineering degree from NCSU.  Currently, I’m a proposal writer and financial analyst for a large 3rd-party logistics provider headquartered in High Point, NC.  Though it may not seem directly related at first glance, the mental skills cultivated by the time and effort put into studying Latin Literature have been very advantageous for my work over the years.  Every day is new, and each client and project has its own unique technical “language” I have to learn and keep my mindset immersed in while working on a given proposal.  Success requires much careful reading, careful consideration, and the mental flexibility necessary to return a solution and response that’s still in the “language” the client can best understand and work with.  Learning from my studies how to think analytically while still remaining mentally agile has been crucial in my work (and all the practice from writing papers certainly helped as well!).  Besides all that, I still continue to nourish my interests in the history, culture, and religion of Rome, Greece, and the Levant as I’m able, not just because they’re interesting but because they’re also relevant.  The study of Classics provides very valuable insight into fundamental truths about how people live, think, and act, even in the present day, and the wisdom gained from such an education enriches every aspect of a person’s life, as I know it has for mine.