Student Research

Student Research


Research Aids

This page links to several Jackson Library resources and offers some other useful links to get you started.


Presentation Opportunities

In addition to the Undergraduate Research Expo at UNCG, there are a number of other good places to present undergraduate work both in North Carolina and elsewhere.


Funding Opportunities & Awards

Funding for undergraduate research is not abundant, but it’s always worth checking to see what’s out there. We will add new links as we become aware of new opportuntities.


Post Baccalaureate Programs in Classics

A post baccalaureate program is often a good option for students interested in graduate study who need to complete advanced work in Greek or Latin before applying to a graduate program. This page also links to directories for MA-only and PhD programs.


Professional Organizations

Explore the various National and State organizations for Classics and Classical Archaeology.


Other Campuses

This page has links to help find colleges and universities in the UNC system and elsewhere.