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Rome, the Eternal City, the Caput Mundi, has been at the center of European civilization for two and half millennia. The capital of the Roman Empire, the seat of the Roman Catholic church, and since 1871 the capital of the modern country of Italy, Rome is today home to nearly three million people. To stroll through the streets of Rome is to take a trip through 3,000 years of history, with the past and present mixed together unlike anywhere else in the world. It’s no wonder that Rome has been described as both an onion and lasagne, since to peel off one layer is to expose another one. While it’s true that for Rome, non basta una vita, “one lifetime is not enough,” the UNCG in Rome program will introduce you to many of the most important historical, religious, and modern places, events, and people that have shaped the urban fabric of one of Europe’s most important cities.

The program follows the development of Rome from the Etruscan period into the modern period, with special focus on the years 300 BCE – 400 AD. Over our month in Rome we will visit and study a number of sites, including the Forum, the Colosseum, the palace of the emperors on the Palatine Hill, the Tiber Island, Monte Testaccio, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums, the Capitoline Museums, the Christian catacombs on the Via Appia, and many, many more. During our weekend trip to the Bay of Naples we will visit Naples, the birthplace of pizza and home to the spectacular collection at the National Archaeological Museum, and the famous buried cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Throughout the trip we will also visit sites of importance to the Renaissance and the modern country of Italy.

While the focus of this trip is academic, we do strive to provide an immersive cultural experience. Over the course of this program, students will see much of what remains of the ancient city, explore some of the greatest museums in the world, and experience the thrills of living in an Italian city, from ordering coffee in the morning. to buying groceries. to dining out, and enjoying an evening passeggiata.

If you’re in the Lloyd International Honors College, UNCG in Rome is one of the few short-term study abroad programs that counts for your international experience.

Application for 2019
Application for Summer 2019 will be made available in August 2018.

Costs and Fees
The program fee for 2017 was $3,990. The program fee includes lodging in Rome and the Bay of Naples, all entrance fees to museums and archaeological sites, and program travel in Italy. There is no tuition charged for summer study-abroad programs. Airfare, meals, and personal spending money are not included in the program fee.

Nota Bene: All fees are subject to change without notice, as they are contingent on the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro. Please continue to check this website for the most current information about the program and its costs.


Maura K. HeynMaura Heyn (UNCG)
PhD. University of California, Los Angeles
MA University of California, Los Angeles
BA Loyola Marymount University



zarecki_romeJonathan Zarecki (UNCG)
PhD. University of Florida
MA University of Florida
BA Colby College

Rome is a city that has captured both my heart and my imagination since my first visit in the summer of 2001 with the American Academy in Rome’s Classical Summer School. There is no greater thrill than helping students explore this amazing city. My research and teaching interests are centered on Republican and early Imperial Rome, especially the life and works of Cicero. My first book was published in 2014, and I’ve also published articles on Cicero and the poet Horace. During UNCG in Rome I handle most of the lectures on Roman literature and Christian and modern Rome. Want to know my favorite places in Rome? Contact me via email at or schedule an appointment to come and chat with me in my office in MHRA 1113.