Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Classical Studies is to serve the educational interests of undergraduate and masters level students, the local and statewide community, and the health of the national discipline, by preserving, transmitting and interpreting the achievements of the Classical World, and by adhering to the best practices of our discipline.

Department Goals

  1. To provide a solid foundation in the Classical tradition for all university students
  2. To offer an excellent undergraduate major both for students interested in further work in Classical Studies and for those seeking a first or second major based strongly in the liberal arts.
  3. To offer the strongest possible preparation and continuing education opportunities for teachers of Latin at the secondary level.
  4. To promote an understanding of and an appreciation for Classical Studies and the Classical foundations of the Western tradition through individual research and co-curricular programs.
  5. To stimulate and support productive and high quality research while nurturing a sense of intellectual community among faculty of the Department.
  6. To provide responsible service at the College, University, local, state and professional levels, as appropriate.