Latin Placement

Latin at UNCG

The elementary Latin sequence is offered on a regular schedule: LAT 101 is offered in the fall semester, and LAT 102 is offered in the spring.  LAT 140, an accelerated course that is a combination of LAT 101-102 in one semester, will be offered in Spring 2024. LAT 203 will be offered in Fall 2023 and LAT 204 in Spring 2024.

And a shout out to Ancient Greek: GRK 101 (1st semester Greek) and GRK 203 (3rd semester Greek) are offered in the fall semester; GRK 102 (2nd semester Greek) and GRK 204 (4th semester Greek) are offered in the spring. You don’t need any background to sign up for GRK 101! If you have had Greek before and wonder about placement, email Dr. van Veldhuizen (

Both Latin and Greek count for the Foreign Language Requirement, which requires successful completion of the 203 course if your catalogue year begins in 2023-2024 (and 204 if your catalogue year is earlier).

If you have never studied Latin before

You do not need to take the Placement evaluation. Just enroll in any section of LAT 101. If the only section that fits your schedule is currently full, please reach out to Dr. Heyn (, and she will help to place you. 

If you have taken Latin in the last 3 years

You need to take the Placement evaluation. You may place into LAT 101, but we’d still like to see how much background you have. If you took Latin more than 3 years ago, you can take the test or choose LAT 101. To register for the test you will need your UNCG ID and password.  See below on how to register.

Remember: It is in your interest to place at the highest level possible.

FAQs about the Placement Evaluation

Do I need to prepare for this evaluation?

You do not need to study extensively, but it would be a good idea to review the basics of cases and declensions if you have not been practicing recently.

Can I use a dictionary and/or my Latin textbook from high school?

No, you may not use any aids on this exam: no notes, no dictionary, no textbook, no internet resources, no collaboration with friends. Keep in mind that it is in your best interest to place into the Latin course that best fits your abilities.

What should I do if I have technical difficulties?

If you have any difficulties registering for or taking this exam, please contact the department head, Dr. Maura Heyn ( Dr. Heyn will reopen the evaluation for you, if necessary. Please allow 25 minutes of uninterrupted time to do the evaluation.

What should I do if I feel that I could have done better on this evaluation?

You can only take the Latin Placement Evaluation once.  Do the best that you can and enroll in the Latin course that is recommended.  Please talk with your Latin instructor in the first week or two of classes if you feel that the course is too easy or too hard.  We are more than willing to switch you to another level, usually at the same time in the schedule.

What if I took the Latin AP test?

If you have taken the AP exam and scored a 3 or above, that score will supersede your score on this evaluation. Make sure that you have your AP results forwarded to the Office of the University Registrar. If you have received a 3 on the Latin AP exam you are automatically placed into LAT 204. You can receive credits towards graduation as indicated below.

 Exam  Score  Hours  Granted  Course
  Latin   3   3 credit for LAT 203
  Latin   4-5   3 credit for LAT 204


How can I find out more about courses in Classical Studies?

We offer a variety of courses in classical civilization, classical archaeology, Latin, and ancient Greek, and many of our courses satisfy General Education and/or additional requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences. Check the course schedule for CCI courses, all of which are offered in English.

Can I major in Classical Studies?

Of course!  Our department at UNCG is one of the largest undergraduate programs in Classical Studies in North Carolina.  You can choose from one of three concentrations: Classical Languages and Literature, Classical Civilization or Classical Archaeology.  Our faculty are student-centered, caring, and happy to ensure that your time at UNCG is fulfilling and prepares you well for your postgraduate career.  There are also plenty of opportunities to work one-on-one with faculty on undergraduate research and disciplinary honors.  We also offer short term study abroad opportunities in Greece and Rome during the summer.  Finally, we have an active undergraduate Classical Society.

Registration for Latin Placement Evaluation:  please email Caitlin Saraphis ( or Dr. Maura Heyn ( with the subject line: Latin Placement and let them know 1) your UNCG username and 2) how many years you have studied Latin. They will register you and send you a link for the evaluation.