Undergraduate Program

The Department offers a single B.A. degree in Classical Studies, with three possible concentrations. See requirements and details for each concentration listed below. *Please note, it is not possible to “double major” in Classical Studies by completing requirements for 2 different concentrations since only one degree is offered.

Students interested in teaching Latin at the secondary level should choose the Classical Language and Literature concentration, with some restrictions [U129], and will need to complete additional requirements. For more information on this option, click License for Teaching in Latin.

We invite ALL students to consider a second major especially in the Classical Civilization concentration. This program was designed to provide a broad-based liberal arts degree which can complement many other majors and serve as an excellent general background for many professional fields, including law, journalism, advertising, and others. The degree can also be completed easily while satisfying University GEC and College requirements by choosing one of the following courses for each category below:

  • Foreign Language requirement: LAT or GRK through the 204 level
  • GFA: CCI 306, 312
  • GHP/CPM: CCI 201, 202, 211, 212, 240
  • GLT: CCI 205, 227, 228, 305, 324, 325, 326
  • GPR: CCI 321, 340, 350
  • GRD: CCI 102
  • GSB: CCI 207

Complete the major with as few as 1-2 electives (check with your CLS advisor)

The Department also offers a Minor in Classical Studies which consists of 15-21 hours in courses to be approved by the department advisor. You can declare a minor and have your courses approved on-line by visiting our Declare a Minor page.