Joanne M. Murphy

Joanne M. Murphy

Associate Professor (Aegean archaeology, Archaeological Methods and Theory)
Email: jmmurph2@uncg.edu
Office: 1107 MHRA
Phone: no direct line; leave message on general office phone: 336-334-5214
At UNCG Since: 2008


Ph.D. University of Cincinnati – 2003
M.A.  University of Cincinnati – 2000
M.A.  University College Dublin – 1994
B.A.  (Hons) University College Dublin– 1992

Research Interests

Dr. Murphy’s research focuses on diverse elements of the Greek Bronze Age, including mortuary and religious activities, production and prestige, and archaeological methods. Currently she is working on the publication of the Bronze Age tombs around the Palace of Nestor in Southwestern Greece and continues her study of the religious and funerary activities on Minoan Crete. Most recently she has started a field project on the Greek island of Kea, which explores the value of surface survey as an archaeological method.

Selected Publications

  • Ritual in Archaic States, edited volume. University Press of Florida. 2016
  • Prehistoric Crete: Regional and Diachronic Studies on Mortuary Systems. edited volume. INSTAP Academic Press. 2011
  • “Mycenaean Hierarchy and Gender Roles: Diet and Health Inequalities in Late Bronze Age Pylos, Greece,” co-authored with L. A. Shepartz, S. R. Stocker, J. L. Davis, A. Papathanasiou, S. Miller-Antonio, M.P. Richards, E. Malapani. In H. D. Klaus, A. R. Harvey, and M.N. Cohen (Eds). Bones of Complexity. Bioarchaeological Case Studies of Social Organization and Skeletal Biology, University Press of Florida, pp. 141-172. 2017
  • “The Power of the Ancestors at Pylos,” In E. Alram-Stern, F. Blakolmer, S. Deger-Jalkotzy, R. Laffineur, and J. Weilhartner (Eds.), Metaphysis: Ritual, Myth and Symbolism in the Aegean Bronze Age, Aegaeum 39, Peeters, pp. 439 – 446. 2016
  • “Same, Same, but Different: Ritual in the Archaic States of Pylos and Mycenae,” In J. Murphy (Ed.) Ritual and Archaic States, University Press of Florida, pp. 50-75. 2016
  • “The Wealth of Nature and the Nature of Wealth: Aspects of Pylian Ideologies,” In G. Touchais, Gilles, R. Laffineur, and F. Rougemont, (Eds.) Physis: l’environnement naturel et la relation homme-milieu dans le monde égéen protohistorique. Actes de la 14e Rencontre égéenne internationale, Paris, Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art (INHA), 11-14 décembre 2012, Aegaeum 37 (pp. p. 513-516. With plate CLX). Leuven and Liege: Peeters. 2014
  • “The Varying Place of the Dead in Pylos,” In D. Nakassis, J. Gulizio, and S. A. James (Eds.) KE-RA-ME-JA: Studies Presented to Cynthia W. Shelmerdine, Philadelphia:  INSTAP Academic Press (pp. 209-221). 2014
  • “The Scent of Prestige: Perfume in Bronze Age Pylos, Greece,” In J. Day (Ed.) Making Sense of the Past: Toward a Sensory Archaeology (pp.243-265) Carbondale, Illinois:  Center for Archaeological Investigations. 2013
  • “Mükénéi üvegek korróziójának és eredetének vizsgálata SEM-EDS, XRF és PGAA módszerekkel” (An Alteration and Provenance Study of Mycenaean Glass Objects Using Neutron Beam and X-Ray Methods), co-authored with N. Zacharias, M. Kaparou, Zs. Kasztovsky, B. Maroti, K. Beltsios, V. Kantarelou, and A. G. Karydas. Acheometriai Muhely X.2, (pp.127-140). 2013

Selected Awards and Honors

  • UNCG Undergraduate Research Fellow 2014-2018
    University of North Carolina Undergraduate Research Program Award: University of North Carolina System-Wide CURE (Course Based Undergraduate Research Experience) Development and Summit, Co-Principal Investigator with L. Philips and I. Pavlova. 2017
  • NEH Fellowship at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. 2015
  • Onassis International Scholars Fellowship, 2012.
  • American Fellow, American Association of University Women, 2012.
  • Loeb Classical Library Foundation, Harvard University – Salary Replacement Grant, 2012.
  • Institute of Aegean Prehistory Grant (Kea Archaeological Research Survey), 2011.
  • Institute of Aegean Prehistory Grants (Restudy of Bronze Age tombs around the Palace of Nestor, Pylos), 2006-2011.

Field Project

  • Director of Kea Archaeological Research Survey (KARS), 2011 – Present

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