Ryan Clarke (B.A. 2011)

As a Latin Language and Literature undergrad at UNCG I relished the opportunities I had to explore the world, ancient and modern. In addition to my Latin and Greek courses, I took advantage of the Undergraduate Research Assistantship, field archaeology in divine Mochlos, and the ever-stimulating if not impossible honor’s thesis. Can I say “wow?” Each experience, each guiding hand, only served to fuel the thirst for travel, research and language. After graduating with my B.A. in 2011, I taught HS Latin in Raleigh, NC, where I also coached soccer and rugby. Despite the phenomenal experience I had with so many wonderful children I decided to continue the journey I began with Virgil, Plato and the Minoans years ago. I enlisted in the US Navy where I can pursue my linguistic curiosity and a new challenge every day. Although no longer the classroom I still take time to explore the world’s languages, an unavoidable side effect of taking any comparative linguistics course, I‘m afraid. Currently I’m exploring all officer fields with the US Navy and loving every minute. What am I most thankful to the “G” for? The people that I was able to work with, and who showed me opportunities that I couldn’t imagine not having today.